Happy Fishing-Dive into a Sea of Rewards at C9taya


Happy Fishing is a fish shooting game with a new design, helping users get authentic and unique betting experiences on the colorful ocean floor.

How to play Happy Fishing

If you are about to play and want to learn more about this game, you need to know the detailed information about the game as follows:

(1) Specific rules of the game

This game is similar to most other fishing slot games on the market, and the main task of the user is that the longer you experience, the more you shoot standard fish, the more impressive rewards will be collected.

During the game experience, you will participate in many outstanding features and can receive special rewards from the system.

In general, the way to play is straightforward; you do not need to know the rules to exchange rewards easily.

The game area is colorful

(2) Game modes in the game Happy Fishing

To facilitate all players to experience the game easily from basic to advanced levels, the game currently has three shooting modes, including:

Default shooting mode

With this mode, the player can manually adjust the direction of the shot the intensity of the bullet continuously. You can control your reward rate and change the shot’s direction flexibly.

The other side of this mode is that it is not suitable for new players, cannot orient and aim properly, and it is easy to lose bullets when first experiencing it.

Shooting mode automatically locks the target.

With this mode, players can choose any target so that the system will automatically aim continuously for you.

When activating it, the gun will automatically move to the location of the object you have selected and proceed to fire until it automatically disappears on the interface.

The advantage is exceptionally suitable when shooting bosses. The shooting rate is almost 99% accurate. The disadvantage is that it is not possible to continuously change the fire’s intensity.

Autofire mode

This firing mode is suitable for those who do not have too much time to experience the game and still want to receive a stable bonus rate.

When activated, the system will allow you to select the fish you want to summon. The system will automatically search for the pre-selected objects and continuously aim for you.

The advantage of this mode is that it can ultimately save you time and effort when playing games. The importaint disadvantage is that it is not possible to optimize the percentage of bonuses that can be received and make your skills worse if you depend on them.

Detailed instructions to play

(3) Features – unique weapons in the game

For fishing games, the weapons and features in the game are an essential factor that can determine how hot it is in the market. At this Happy Fishing game, you will thoroughly enjoy unique features, including:

Hunting for the immortal sea king

This feature allows you to search and destroy big bosses to receive unique reward chests from the system.

For big bosses, use high gun intensity or actively use special weapons in the game to quickly destroy the boss.

Accumulate energy, explode with power

With this feature, during the game experience, the system will rely on the number of creatures that you have eliminated and automatically give you a certain amount of energy.

When the energy bar has reached the standard, the game will automatically trigger a bomb explosion, capable of destroying all creatures in the interface at that time.

Note that for this feature, users must actively use it within 3 minutes when the accumulated bar has reached the standard.

In addition, you must not exit the server or change the betting hall because otherwise, the energy bar will be charged from the beginning.

Lucky wheel in the game

For this feature, when successfully defeating a boss named Mega Octopus, you will be activated by the lucky spin feature.

The impressive payouts in this feature are guaranteed to leave you satisfied, potentially peaking at 950x your stake.

Collect unique gift chests

During the experience of the Happy Fishing game, if you find and defeat three bosses, including:

  • Giant clownfish
  • Giant angelfish
  • Giant puffer fish

You will be able to accumulate a certain amount of bonus percentage. When the bonus rate reaches the specified level, the game will allow you to open a chest with precious rewards.

The particular weapon system in the game

The game will become more prosperous and easier to get more stable reward rates for users with the unique weapon system in the game as follows:

  • Torpedo: The ability to increase the power of the weapon you currently own
  • Electromagnetic Cannon: Creates a laser energy source with great destructive power
  • Frozen: Instantly freezes all creatures on the game interface
  • Storm starfish: Creates a powerful bomb with tremendous destructive power
  • Drill Crab: Creates high-spreading bombs, knocking out surrounding creatures easily
  • Explosive Continuous Crab: Creates extreme destructive influence on the surrounding animals when destroyed

Because the weapon system is quite diverse and can be collected in many different ways if applied in the right place, at the right time, these will be effective support items, helping you get reasonable reward rates—the pressure when experiencing the game.

Various types of fish

Promotions in Happy Fishing

As one of the main game products, this fish shooting game owns many unique redemption events, including:

(1) Good TOP racing, good gifts

Specifically, in this program, as long as you destroy as many different creatures within the limited time of the event, you will be included in the list of good players in the system.

Depending on the ability and level you can achieve, the reward levels and the gifted rate will change differently. Of course, if you complete a high rank, the gift of this event will be burdensome.

(2) Explore the ocean, open reward chests

The longer you participate and experience the game, the more likely you will encounter creatures that rarely appear in the game.

Based on the number of creatures you can successfully defeat, the game will have special gift chests to give to the player.

Therefore, the higher the number of creatures that you have killed, the more unique the gift you will receive.

(3) Weekly quest rewards

Each week, the system will design and give users tasks with specific requirements. If the player can complete it within the required time, they can quickly receive impressive rewards from the game system.

The content of this event will be changed regularly to give users a new and easier experience,check in C9TAYA.

Many bonus

Tips to help players win easier in Happy Fishing

Although the game requires high experience in terms of experience, as long as you know the four rules and the following tips, the bonus rate you receive will be awe-inspiring.

(1) Don’t skip the trial mode

The first time, the system will support you to access the beginner mode. Here, you will have the opportunity to test shoot and experience special features and weapons in the game entirely for free.

Therefore, take the time to experience this feature and not miss it to better understand the game the first time you shoot fish at this betting system.

(2) Do not abuse the automatic fire mode

The more you practice, the higher your shooting skill will be. Therefore, although the automatic shooting mode can save you a lot of work, overusing it for a long time will make it hard for you to get high in the fish shooter.

More specifically, this mode will not help you optimize the number of bonuses you can receive at the same time as the game experience. Therefore, be very cautious if you want to apply this firing mode for a long time.

Wheel of fortune

(3) Understand each unique feature of the game

This game is systematically designed with many unique features so that users can receive impressive bonuses.

Therefore, the more you understand how these features work, even if your shooting skills are not high, you will not have to worry about the percentage of bonuses obtained from the unique features that the game offers.

(4) Don’t hesitate to buy a weapon if it’s worth it

If you are solo and have no teammates around, you can destroy it alone by buying special weapons when the boss appears.