How to play Jackpot Fishing Game at C9TAYA

Jackpot Fishing Game

Introducing Jackpot Fishing slot, an online game that combines the excitement of fishing and gambling. This game features special torpedo weapons that can instantly knock down opponents, allowing you to showcase your fishing skills in intense battles. Additionally, the game incorporates a special jackpot pool, giving players the chance to win amazing prizes across three different reward levels, with the jackpot amount depending on the total bet.


Jackpot Fishing Game Features

Experience the thrilling world of Jackpot Fishing slot, where you can enjoy the excitement of fishing with online multi-players simultaneously. Dive into a sea teeming with reward fish, and take on the ultimate big Boss for a chance to win big! With a wide range of fish, each offering unique prizes, get ready to embark on an adventure that can lead you to quick riches. Prepare yourself for the innovative and exhilarating gameplay that evolves with every level you conquer.

Jackpot Fishing Casino Slots Functions

Choose from 3 Game Modes

  • Pleasure Room: Stake limits range from 0.1 to 50.
  • King Room: Stake limits range from 1 to 100.
  • King Room (VIP): Exclusive stake limits from 1 to 100 for VIP players.

Special Weapon Function

  • Torpedoes: Unleash the power of mass destruction to hunt down large fish. Activate this weapon at the cost of 6 times your current bet.
  • Electric Guns: These special weapons are free to use and accumulate energy based on your stakes. Once fully charged, they can eliminate multiple fish in the pond at once.

Game Rewards and Cashback Bonuses

  • Shoot Fish Refund: Choose from 18 levels, with game returns ranging from $30 up to $50,000, depending on your betting amount.
  • Cashback Rewards: Enjoy 3 levels of cashback rewards – Copper Treasure Chest, Silver Treasure Chest, and Golden Treasure Chest. Prize money varies from 10 to 500, and conditions for receiving the prize involve accumulating points based on your bets.
  • Weekly Cashback: Accumulate points from your bets to receive exciting rewards upon completing the game.

Game System Menu

  • Room Change Button: Located in the top left corner of the game, use this button to switch rooms and increase your bet limits.
  • Game Data: View comprehensive game features and payout rates.
  • Sound On/Off Button: Toggle the game sound on or off according to your preference.
  • Activities: Stay updated on special events organized by the game and check the timings to join.
  • Betting Information: Access information on your betting history.

Gameplay Automation Options

1. Automatic Function: Choose which fish to target, set the bet amount, and enable automatic firing. The gun will fire randomly at the selected fish.

2. Target Lock Function: Lock onto specific fish targets, and the gun will automatically fire until the fish is defeated or leaves the pond.


Chance to win Jackpot Fishing slot:

1. Jackpot Dragon

2. Jackpot Fish

3. Treasure Bowl

4. Immortal Ocean King (King Squid, Golden Shark)

5. Special fish species

(Armored Fish, Anglerfish, Fortune Terrapin)

Jackpot Fish and Jackpot Dragon have higher chance of winning Jackpots

Rules for getting Jackpots


1. JILI Jackpot: Place a bet of more than 5. more than 10 for multiplied Jackpots, more than 80 for re-multiplied Jackpots.

2. Lucky Jackpot: Place a bet of more than 0.8 and have a chance to win, more than 2 for multiplied Jackpots.

3. Speed Jackpot: Place a bet of more than 0.2 and have a chance to win, more than 0.6 for multiplied Jackpots.

The higher the bet, higher the Jackpot.