C9TAYA: The Dominance in Online Sabong


C9TAYA has maintained its dominance in the world of online sabong over the past year, showing resilience despite the ever-changing trends. In the past year, C9TAYA has surged ahead of all other hobbies, becoming the most sought-after activity in the nation.

The Influence of Social Media Celebrities

One significant factor driving this surge is the endorsement of C9TAYA by social media celebrities who shared their impressive earnings from playing the game. Before the advent of C9TAYA in the online sabong world, the beloved bloodsport was simply known as Sabong.

From Traditional Sabong to C9TAYA

Traditional Sabong events were marked by intense battles, enthusiastic spectators, and lively stadiums. On the contrary, C9TAYA represents the modern evolution of Sabong, allowing you to watch thrilling matchups between two well-trained fighting roosters from the comfort of your computer or smartphone. These duels unfold in private farms or cockpit coliseums, where the gamecocks face off, surrounded by cameras to ensure the legitimacy of the fight. These gamecocks are equipped with spikes, serving as their weapons, adding an element of strategy to the fierce competition.

The Advantages of Live C9TAYA

C9TAYA offers a host of advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked, despite the criticism directed towards this storied bloodsport. One of the most compelling factors is the potential to earn money and win valuable prizes by participating in C9TAYA. Especially in the midst of the pandemic, when businesses are struggling, the allure of C9TAYA’s potential winnings has attracted a broad audience. Many individuals have joined the game, hoping to secure a financial boost to support their families and put food on the table.

Payout Betting – Llamado vs. Dejado

Participating in C9TAYA betting doesn’t require an in-depth understanding of technical terms. Unlike other sports, you needn’t worry about over/under or prop bets. The essential concept to grasp is the distinction between the two roosters in the ring. The “llamado” rooster is the crowd’s favorite and is expected to win based on its breed or shape. On the opposing side, we have the “dejado” team, which faces lower odds of winning. Betting on the “llamado” increases your likelihood of winning, but the payout is slightly lower. Opting for the “dejado” offers more significant potential winnings at slightly higher risk.

Llamado vs. Dejado and Payouts

Your eventual reward in C9TAYA betting is influenced by long-term odds. These odds start at “sampu siyam,” or 10%, and can go up to “walo” for 20%, “anim” for 30%, and even “tress” for 50%. There are instances where the rooster has a 100% chance of winning, known as “doblado.”

How sabong Games Work

C9TAYA, also known as “E-Sabong,” has gained popularity in the cockfighting community, offering a safer and convenient alternative. Two chickens engage in a duel in a ring, and players place bets on the outcome. Online cockfighting, under the control of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), ensures a safer experience for enthusiasts.

The Live Experience of C9TAYA

E-Sabong, referring to wagering on live cockfighting events streamed from licensed cockpit arenas, offers a thrilling experience that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own space. The regulatory aspects of E-Sabong, primarily overseen by the PAGCOR’s E-Sabong Licensing Department, ensure a fair and well-structured environment.

 Ulatan in Live International

The “ulatan” in C9TAYA represents the faceoff, where fighting birds are paired based on physical characteristics, including weight, wingspan, and height. The blades or knives are attached to the left legs of these birds. These blades can have one or two edges, and their size may vary, based on agreements between owners.

Ruweda in C9TAYA Derby

After the ruweda, the birds are prepared to enter the arena or cockpit. Owners hold their birds in the ring to help fans and bettors assess the animals’ temperaments and make informed wagers. The rules of the fight are announced by the announcer, and the referee, who serves as the sole judge, supervises the contest to determine the victor.

Fights Unfold

Once bets are placed and conditions agreed upon, the birds are released into the arena to engage in a duel. They use their beaks and blades attached to their legs, pecking and slashing at each other. The referee declares the fight over when a clear victor emerges. Contrary to common belief, sabong matches are typically not “fights to the death,” with the losing bird often surviving the match but succumbing to its wounds afterward.

Understanding Hand Signals

In C9TAYA, kristos use hand signals to communicate about bets due to the distance and background noise. Familiarity with the hand signals adds excitement to the experience and simplifies communication with your kristo.

Hand Signals

Upward fingers: In smaller arenas, where small bets are common, each finger represents ten pesos. Five fingers signify fifty pesos. In larger cockpits or competitions, a thumbs-up might even indicate 10,000 or 100,000 pesos. Downward fingers: Seven downward fingers represent 7,000 pesos, or 1,000 pesos each. Pointing two fingers downward indicates a wager of 14,000 pesos. Fingers to the side: Each sideward finger signifies 100 pesos. Four fingers in this gesture represent a 400 peso bet.