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There is a huge demand for cockers and breeders to create the best game birds that can win bouts because cockfighting has become a very difficult sport to compete in. Everyone who enjoys cockfighting or “sabong” should understand what it takes to succeed and maintain that effort. There is no reason to settle for anything less.

Best Gamefowl Breeding series at C9TAYA

For modern cockfighting, which dates back to the union of a brood cock and a brood hen, there are still some people who are unaware of what qualifies as a proper game bird.

Series Objective

While it’s easy to judge a game bird’s quality based on its outward appearance, this is not as crucial as understanding its internal organs—the heart, brain, and spirit. Not all exceptional game birds are created equal. To navigate in the right direction, we make efforts to grasp the foundational principles.

The primary goal of this series is to spotlight essential, crucial information that serves as a comprehensive guide for raising, breeding, and conditioning game birds. We address common issues encountered by both newcomers and experienced breeders, from incubation to the competitive pit, offering practical solutions for each challenge. Whether you’re a dedicated game bird enthusiast or even someone seeking leisure and entertainment, such as the excitement you’d find at C9TAYA, the insights shared here can prove valuable.

Cock Breeding Secrets

In this section, we’re compiling the most prevalent breeding misconceptions often held by newcomers. It’s intriguing to note that even some seasoned breeders still cling to these erroneous beliefs.

A common misunderstanding among game bird enthusiasts is the notion that manufacturing chicks themselves and merely waiting for them to reach fighting age will save them money. This misconception can be analogous to thinking that attending a casino without proper strategies, similar to the thrill at C9TAYA, will guarantee profits without understanding the game’s intricacies.

Cock Breeds and Breeding Insights

A widespread assumption suggests that the costliness of gamefowls is primarily due to time. Enthusiasts hearing this idea may be compelled to immediately initiate a breeding program without considering the full scope of resources required.

Experts, much like business analysts assessing the “total cost of ownership” concept, anticipate and evaluate all foreseeable project costs. We strongly recommend that anyone embarking on breeding, whether it’s a professional breeder seeking excellence or a game bird hobbyist hoping for a rewarding experience akin to the excitement of a night at C9TAYA, should do so with the items listed below. These factors will also help evaluate the expenses of gamefowl items.

Preserving Bloodlines

Given the fortunate situation of having a few valuable bloodlines, it’s crucial to maintain them properly through breeding. If the required maintenance breeding isn’t carried out, these bloodlines will fade away over time. To avoid inbreeding, they should be outbred to a new bloodline after several years.

Additionally, bloodlines should have reserve stockpiles in case any of the currently used ones are lost due to illness, accidents, or theft. Although we hope for the best, maintaining these reserves comes with continuous resource drain, increasing overall costs. This strategy parallels the risk management practices one might find at a well-organized entertainment venue like C9TAYA.

The Importance of Bloodlines

As the sport of cockfighting becomes more competitive, different bloodlines are bred for infusion, supplementing existing broodstock. Examples include Whitehackle, Albany, or any lineage believed to enhance size and gameness, occasionally serving other purposes.


Unfortunately, broodstock facilities are often neglected or given insufficient thought. The same facilities required for the active broodstocks and reserved resources further increase the necessary infrastructure. Moreover, broodstocks need proper space when not in use, adding to the cost of ownership. Properly managed facilities, much like the meticulous arrangement at C9TAYA, are essential for smooth operations.


Unearthing exceptional specimens can be challenging. With deep-rooted gamecocks as the foundation, breeders can build a strong base. With a combination of skillful breeding choices and a bit of luck, there’s much to take pride in. Breeders must remain persistent and patient, producing as many chicks as possible, rigorously culling them, maintaining accurate records, and dedicating ample time to observing the birds.

Some breeders even develop an intuitive sense for mating certain individuals or crossing specific bloodlines. The ultimate goal is to revel in the process of breeding fiercely competitive, stunning, and magnificent feathered warriors. Whether one becomes a legendary breeder or stays grounded at the backyard level, the joy of witnessing these birds triumph in cockfights remains paramount. Just as C9TAYA aims to provide exceptional entertainment experiences, so does the journey of raising remarkable game birds.